Quahsi präsentiert
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Quahsi an incredible talent with a distinct flow and especially with a very own sound that makes you addicted. Hear once and then it happenes. Pure addictive fun.
Together with french jazz composer FrozenJaZz Quahsi is writing his first single is called "Blind".

Quahsi do not like to be compared, because, as he says, I am the representation of myself. And that is not copyable. The artist was born in 1992 and comes from Haren / Ems (Germany) and early showed his dedication to the music. Role models? Chefket, Johnny Rakete, Edgar Wasser. Influences? His life. Quahsi is honest in every song and says what he feels and thinks. Whether funny or serious. True emotion!

His voice is certainly more different and unique than the many copies that currently abound on the market. No Major-made product, but pure music. We look forward to his continued personal development and know every song by Quahsi is a 100% Quahsi!